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Bio-Gas Technologies was founded in 1996 by James R. Hiendlmayr. The company is in the business of designing, constructing, owning and operating Gas-to-Energy and Cogeneration systems. Bio-Gas currently has 8.5 MW of new renewable power in commercial operation, and we have designed and constructed many other sites around the world.

.: Jim Hiendlmayr, President

Jim Hiendlmayr is the President of Bio-Gas Technologies, a 10 year-old Ohio company that designs and engineers co-generation plants and modular power stations. Further, he negotiated Ohio's first commercial landfill-gas agreement.

Bio-Gas has never failed at implementing a project and we intend to coninue in this tradition. The company's founder along with his wife, Gloria J. Hiendlmayr, have made it their personal goal as well as the goal of the company to reduce methane gas from our atmosphere. Methane gas is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

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